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Step 1: calories burned

Exercise is the first thing you need to make a part of your life. Find out how many calories you burn daily - even if you don't exercise. As a member, you can do this using our calculator. Once you know how many Calories you burn daily, you will know how much you need to eat daily for your goals.

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Step 2: calories Required

If you do not know how many Calories you burn daily, there is no way to know how much you need to eat daily. Understand how much you need to eat daily by using our proprietary calculator. You will quickly determine how many Calories you burn daily based upon "you" - your weight and your daily routine.

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step 3: max heart rate

If you do not know your heart rate during your exercise, you won't know if you are burning fat. Any activity that increases your hear rate over 65% of your maximum will NOT burn fat! Review our heart rate calculator to "know" when your body is no longer using fat for energy.

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healthy cooking

Garrison Body provides all the information you need, including videos from MenCook.Cafe where you will find recipes for nutritious, healthy and great tasting meals.

Finally! One site with information that actually works, videos of preparing great meals and exercises that allow me to reach my goals.


But wait!! There's more!

Exercise, nutrition, meals and handwriting?! Why?

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Healthy Mind means
Healthy Body

Knowing more about yourself will help you in every aspect of your life.

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